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Rock your lil' gypsy soul...

OC Family Magazine Featured Our Little Rockstar!

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Do we have bragging rights or what!!

One of our little rockstars was featured on the front page of the OC Family Magazine October Edition! He was also featured in the center fold holding a spacecraft replica at the Apollo 11: One Giant Leap for Mankind exhibit at the Richard Nixon Library & Museum. Now this is what I call a true ROCKETEER!!!

Rock the World & Shoot for the stars lil one!!


Aero's party was "Off the Wall"

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Without this damn kid Boho Rocker Baby wouldn't exist.

Lets be real….cause’ we would prob still be hitting the club & bar hopping!

Can we get a HELL yah/ & a Happy Fourth Birthday shout out to Aero!!!

You don’t even know it! But thanks for inspiring us! Now spread those wings & go inspire others!!

(And watch your sassy ass mouth! )


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It’s almost that time!!!

Boho Rocker Baby has almost hit 13k followers on instagram!

Its crazy to think that this all started as just a “cool idea” Now its a fuckin’ reality!!

Thanks to you!!

We will be joining forces with our friends at

@CoffeeDoseCafe & @BalmdotCalm

We have some amazing shit to hook you up with!

Help us grow & then help us celebrate!!


Welcome Bodhi & Thriver !

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Welcome to the Boho Rocker Baby World Thriver!

This has been a busy year for the owners of BohoRockerBaby! First we welcomed Bodhi into the world back in July 18’, now we are welcoming Thriver into the world Jan 19’. We just want to thank you all for your patience with orders, shipping & our response time. We have both had our hands full with our lil’ newborn rock stars! We are starting to get our groove & will have lots of new items to offer you this coming year! Thanks again for your loyalty & helping us grow even when we are sleep deprived & getting puked on!

You guys Rock!!



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Elevate Dance Recital

These lil'babes from Francina Mans School of Dance are true rock stars!! It was an honor to watch them perform this last weekend. They owned the stage and rocked their lil' gypsy souls. (And of course, they were the best dressed!!)

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It's a Boy! 

Another rock star is on his way. One of the owners of Boho Rocker Baby is having a BOY!! The event was on Cinco de Mayo, so we had a black&white baby shower theme in one part of the house and a Fiesta in the other! This little man is already spoiled & surrounded by so much love! Just a couple more months & he should be making his debut! Let the count down begin.....

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10K Giveaway

Visit our Instagram @BohoRockerBaby for give away details & your chance to win a custom denim jacket for your lil'one! Contest will end when we hit 10k followers on our Instagram. We are getting close so hurry up while there is still time!!

Shop is LIVE

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Shop is LIVE

Thanks to all the shout outs, tags, shares & support for the launching of our website and shop yesterday! We are excited for this new journey & excited to see the growth in our small business! A special shout out to our moms & husbands. They have supported us alone the way with so many things & without them this probably wouldn't be possible. (Sounds corny, but true!) Please let us know if you have any question. We would love to hear your feedback and hope to making your shopping experience RAD!!!

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Happy Two Year Anniversary Boho Rocker Baby


We are excited to announce you will be able to shop on our website this Friday, 4/20. We have officially been in business for two years, so this is huge milestone for us. We figured an online shop would give you more variety to choose from, simplify your shopping experience & allow us to grow as a business!! Enjoy!